Board Members

Fishery Board: Elected 23rd May 2017 to 22nd May 2020

Convenor: Robin Vestey Esq (Mandatory for the EH Vestey Marriage
Settlement Trust)

Vice Convenor David Davies Esq (Mandatory for Polly Estates Ltd)

Upper Proprietors: James Allingham Esq (Mandatory for Messrs Allingham, Bladon Nall-Cain)
Andrew Adamson (Mandatory for Braesgill Ltd from 27 July 2017)
Robin Bradford Esq
Gerald Osborne Esq (Mandatory for G & R Osborne)

Lower Proprietors: Dougal Lindsay Esq (Mandatory for the Fourth Duke of Westminster’s
1964 Settlement Trust)
Alan Balfour (Mandatory for Scourie Estate

Co-opted: Cathel Macleod (Representative of Salmon Anglers)
Charles Marsham Esq (ditto)
Clerk: Bell Ingram LLP

Notes: Claire Acheson resigned 27th July 2017 as Mandatory for Braesgill Limited

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